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Most Affordable Registration Fees

Thanks to the many volunteers who help to run Nebo United, we are able to keep Player Registration Fees low.

What is my Soccer Age?

The age calculation is based on the calendar year from January 1 – December 31.

2020-2021 Seasonal Year
Birth Year Soccer Age
2000 U19/U20
2001 U18
2002 U17
2003 U16
2004 U18
2005 U17
2006 U16
2007 U15
2008 U11
2009 U10
2010 U9

Nebo United Pricing

Pricing for all teams, excluding Academy teams (the little ones), is for the full year, Fall and Spring seasons.  Pricing includes:

  • UYSA Fees
  • Competition League Fees
  • Field and Referee Fees
  • Administration Costs
  • Home and Away Uniforms (Jersey, shorts, and socks)

What is not included?  These are left to each team to decide.

  • Tournament Fees
  • Indoor League Fees