Academy Coach Resources

Every day is a chance to get better
Below you will find some information to help you get started as well as some resources for practice plans.

Thank you for being willing to coach.

Step 1

Please register as a coach. Click here to get started.

Step 2

Go to U.S. Soccer’s Digital Coaching Center and create an account. Complete your profile, and take the Introduction to Grassroots Coaching course. (20 minutes, no cost, it is NOT required to pay for the $25 Planning Tools Subscription.)

Nebo United Soccer Academy


Create an environment that allows players to learn the fundamentals of soccer while having fun. Our focus is on individual technical development and confidence in controlling the ball.

The Coach's Role

Plan and run trainings that promote maximum touches on the ball in a fun, low-pressure environment. Be a mentor and example of good sportsmanship.

Training Objectives

Encourage players to improve their dribbling and control touches through fun activities promoting maximum touches on the ball. Encourage players to develop their individual skills. 

Small-Sided Games

Promote technical and tactical development on a smaller field with fewer players allowing players to apply their skills and get more touches on the ball during a game.

Practice Structure


Technical skills training: dribbling, receiving, passing, shooting

Match Related

Fun activities or games that moves players into game-like environments. Modify the environment so that the desired skill is emphasized and maximum reps or touches can be achieved.

Match Condition

Create a game environment 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 allowing free play. 

A couple videos to get you started…